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All our Sempervivums in one place for easier viewing.

Please see our comprehensive article all about Sempervivums, their selection, compost recommendations, care etc.,etc.

We offer two sizes of plants:

Plants in 6cm mini-pots - these are well-rooted offsets sent in their pots. Whilst these may be small and perhaps only a single rosette depending upon time of year, they are young and vigorous. Like all our plants, they are grown slowly to make small, hard plants that will grow away quickly.

Plants in 9cm pots - our standard offering, like all our alpines. These are more mature Semps in 9cm round pots, very well established and most commonly with several rosettes, depending upon variety and time of year. These are grown with a thick covering of granite grit over the compost - the 6cm mini-pots are not.

Plants in this Group: