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Sempervivum or 'Houseleeks' are fascinating plants and we are huge fans. New varieties bred in recent years have renewed interest in these plants and they are increasingly popular with some people gathering huge collections. We have many more varieties to offer in the near future including exciting recent introductions from European breeders and some now hard-to-find old favourites.

  • Supplied as growing plants, still in their pots.
  • Every plant sent with a durable, printed plastic label - not a handwritten slip of paper.
  • Grown in our own specially mixed compost - gritty, peat-free and containing loam (soil) for superior results.
  • Grown slowly to keep the plants hard and showing their true colours.
  • Accurately named and described. And we show images of each plant taken over the year so you can be sure of what you will get.
  • Our Sempervivum collections come with a basic care leafet.
  • We also offer collections of different varieties in any multiple of 8 plants  - 16 different varieties, 24 varieties etc.

Please see our comprehensive article all about Sempervivums, their selection, compost recommendations, care, etc.,etc.

Plants in this Group:

All plants supplied in 9cm pots. These are more mature Semps in 9cm round pots, very well established and most commonly with several rosettes, depending upon variety and time of year. These are grown and dispatched in their pots with a thick covering of granite grit over the compost and with a durable, printed pot label.

Delivery only £8.95 for up to 32 plants