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Alpine Dianthus

The Dianthus or 'Pinks' are a wide and varied race, from very dwarf, true alpine plants to dwarf forms similar to the garden Pinks and all distantly related to Carnations.

Many of the hybrid varieties are heavily scented and almost all have attractive grey or blueish foliage which persists all year round. Almost all are suited to growing in containers of some sort - the true alpine species in stone sinks or troughs, the others in just about any container. Read more

Dianthus are fairly drought tolerant and all of them, without exception, are sun lovers and need a well-drained soil. They are mostly lime-lovers but seem to do fine except in very acid soils. By and large, they are all easy to grow given these conditions.

Some of the named hybrids will repeat-flower all summer and do appreciate a small amount of general fertiliser (high K,or potassium fertiliser such as ½ strength liquid tomato fertiliser) just to keep them going. They produce such an amount of flowers they deserve just a little treat. 

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