How to buy

A quick summary:

  • We accept new orders each Thursday morning starting at 9.00am.
  • Once we reach our limit of orders we 'close' again by disabling the Add to Basket function .
  • Some weeks we fill up with orders very quickly.
  • Orders received Thursday are delivered the following week.

We continue to be extremely busy, so much so that we need to strictly control how we operate. We know this confuses customers so allow me to explain a little of our situation.

We are a husband and wife business, we employ no staff and we supply quality plants many of which are not widely available. We are always kept busy and we work long hours, but since Coronavirus struck we have seen a huge demand for plants - not only us; every online nursery has.

Ordering plants, spring 2021.

We open our online shop each Thursday morning and 'close' by hiding the 'Add to Basket' button once we reach as many orders as we can handle. These orders will be delivered the following week as we usually do. We work week-to-week in the same manner.

We do not accept pre-orders for anything - everyone has the same opportunity to buy and you can only buy when the plants are made available.

We will also be be limiting orders to a maximum of 32 plants as we did last year. This allows us to offer our service more widely but it also speeds up our packing process. Last spring, some people persistently tried to circumvent this. We reserve the right to refuse and refund any order without notice.

We prioritise our efforts on handling confirmed orders - this allows us to offer a high level of service to those customers who have placed orders and paid. 

A few tips for ordering.

  • Have your list of plants to hand ready for the 9.00am opening. You may view the plants we have at any time. We update our plant records each week so that customers can only order plants we actually have.
  • When our shop opens at 9.00am each Thursday, refresh your browser - if you don't know, it's typically the little circular arrow to the top left of your screen. We open at 9.00am sharp and the demand some weeks means we can only accept orders for a short time, often less than an hour.
  • Don't rush through the checkout/payment pages - your details need to be entered accurately, most especially your email address.
  • If your order is processed and payment accepted, you must receive a confirmation of your order by email - no confirmation, no order! This is standard online practice. Payments can and do fail for various reasons, compliance and technical. It may appear you have placed an order - you may even have an order number - but until the payment processes, your order isn't final.
  • We are only aware of orders once payment is accepted by Nochex. It will (and does) happen that someone will be mid-transaction when we need to close the shop and we know that frustrates and angers customers - it's not deliberate!

We don't like operating this way but it's essential we maintain control of what we do. The alternative would be a huge pile of orders, you waiting weeks for delivery, plants becoming unavailable, refunds and communication back and forth. We simply can't and won't allow that to happen. At least with the way we now work we can offer what we hope is a good service to those who are successful in placing an order.

If only things could go back to how they were ..... a phrase we have all uttered or thought of in the past year, I'm sure.