F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What size pots are plants sent in? 

All our plants are grown and dispatched in 9cm round pots measuring 9cm diameter, 9 cm deep, 0.44 litre.

Q.  Do you send plants to Europe or Ireland?

No, we only dispatch within the U.K. We can send to Northern Ireland but not the south. We can't send to the Channel Islands.

Q.  Can I telephone you ?

We prefer to communicate by email - very often we aren't able to answer the telephone.  If you email us we can investigate / research your enquiry and reply when we aren't growing plants - often in the evening. Please use our Contact Us form or email.

Q.  When will my plants arrive?

We dispatch as soon as we can but normally only on a Monday or Tuesday so your plants should arrive on Wednesday or Thursday. We aim to dispatch every order within seven days. You will normally receive your order within 10 days at the most, often sooner.

Q. Do you sell wholesale? 

No. We did have a wholesale business but no longer. Our website is designed for home gardeners wishing to buy plants for their own gardens. Many of our plants are only raised in small numbers.

Q.  Can you send me a printed catalogue?

No, we don't produce a printed catalogue. Our website and stock are reviewed and updated daily.

Q. Can I telephone you with my order?

No, we can not accept orders or payments by telephone. Please place your order online.

Q.  Do you open to the public?

No, we never open to the public - it's just not what we do.

Q.  I only want one or two plants - why is your delivery charge so high?

Blame Royal Mail! Recent (April 2013) price rises make postage of small orders ridiculously expensive. Also, we are 3 miles from a Post Office so unless we are passing anyway, it's just not cost-effective for us to visit the Post Office.

Q. Do you offer gift vouchers? 

No, but we can send plants to a friend or relative - just select their address as delivery address and let us know you are sending a gift.