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Helianthemum - 'Rock Roses'

Helianthemum means 'Sun Flower' but they are usually called 'Rock Roses' and are fantastic plants, especially for dry, sunny sites. They grow as low, spreading bushes, usually about 15 to 30cm  (6" to 12") high and will produce brightly coloured flowers for a long period in summer. Many have greyish leaves and all are drought tolerant - ideal for gravel gardens, among or beside paving, sunny bankings etc., or any sunny part of the garden with reasonable soil. We offer one of the widest ranges of varieties available online, though not in large quantities. Read more 

With regret, 2022 will be our last year growing Helianthemums. Plants will be available from March (weather alllowing) but varieties will disappear from the website as they sell out.

helis all in flower

Like all our plants, our Rock Roses are grown in 9cm, full depth pots. They are hard, well-grown plants and true to name. Many nurseries offer Helianthemum plants - some as plugs or little more than rooted cuttings, others in over-priced large pots. We think our plants offer good quality and value - and they are some of our best selling plants. 


Helianthemums are fast-growing and cover ground well - useful in some situations but plant far enough away from slower, more delicate alpines. They establish quickly even in difficult situations and are ideal for new gardens, quickly giving flowers and some ground cover. They will be happy in any well-drained garden soil. They are almost evergreen - they will drop some of their leaves in winter but quickly green up again in spring (or grey up for some varieties).

After flowering, they should be trimmed back as this will promote another set of flowers and help keep the plants tidy.

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