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Saxifraga - the saxifrages

A huge genus of plants usually broken down into various groups but just listed here 'as they come' in alphabetical order. The varieties we grow are the best of the easier ones which should do well in most gardens without special attention or knowledge. 

No garden collection of alpines will be complete without a few Saxifraga more

All our plants are grown and dispatched in 9cm round pots.

The most popular group of Saxifrages we grow is the silver, or encrusted types which grow as hard clumps of paler green, (often) silvery leaves. This silvering is actually lime the plants take from the soil and deposit on their leaves which become 'encrusted'. They are often slow-growing making them suited to growing in stone sinks or troughs, or where they can develop slowly without crowding from more vigorous neighbours. Flowers are borne on long, usually erect or arching stems in summer. They like sunshine and a gritty soil but the ones we offer aren't difficult. We also a silver Saxifraga collection.

A special mention must go to the S. oppositifolia varieties. These grow really well in most of Scotland where it is cooler and more moist. They are true mountain plants - the purple saxifrage - and can be found in special places on many of the high hills in the UK.

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